Full-stack web developer
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Hi, I'm Dan

I like to build digital products for the web. I'm currently studying for a computer science masters at the University of Manchester. You can find some of my work on github and learn about me on linkedin.

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Megabus Ticket Search

Megabus Ticket Search screenshot

I built a search engine for megabus ticket prices that allows users to search for tickets over a search period of up to a month (the official site only allows day-by-day searching). This makes it really easy for the cheapest tickets to be found. The web scraping is powered by an asynchronous nodejs server built on micro. This server exposes an API that a Vue.js frontend hooks into.

Rentlord Search

Rentlord Search screenshot

Over a summer internship I built a property search tool that allows users to search across 'property to rent' Facebook groups. A Laravel backend gets posts from the Facebook API and runs text extraction to get the price and location (then lookup the latitude/longitude). On the Vue.js frontend a user's location search term is converted into latitude/longitude coordinates with the Google Maps API, from which the system can calculate distance.


TEDxUoM screenshot

During my final year of undergraduate I built the TEDxUniversityOfManchester 2016 website while volunteering on the committee for 2016's event. It's a simple one page site using gulp for local browser sync, minification, building and deploying.


OneClock screenshot

For a conference I was helping to organise I developed a tool to make managing the timings across the speaker, host and AV staff easier (see it in action). The app allows users to create and control timers and share them over a unique URL. The app is built in React and makes use of Firebase for the real-time synchronous functionality.


Lugease screenshot

Over the summer I worked with a local startup to build out their tech infrastructure. I designed their website and online booking system (using Vue.js) and deployed a Laravel API backend to take payments and handle bookings. I also developed the customer API.

My Match Days

My Match Days screenshot

As a side project I'm developing an app to make team management easier for sports coaches. The app leverages SMS to speed up communication and to track player available for matches. It's being developed in Ionic 2 as a hybrid app. Firebase is being used as the backend for authentication and data storage.

WhatNext? Conference 2017

WhatNext? Conference 2017 screenshot

While on the Manchester Entrepreneurs society committee I designed the website for our annual WhatNext? Conference. I leveraged the EJS templating library to render repeatable content areas like links and speaker profiles. It uses a simple npm build system to compile sass, compress images and minify scripts.